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1973 Tai Chi Demonstration Chinatown

Since 1973

Push Hands class

Upcoming Workshops

Nei Kung Workshop

Sunday, March 29, 2020
1:30PM – 4:00PM
at the CK Chu Tai Chi Studio
Pre-requisite for Nei Kung Classes
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Advanced Nei Kung Workshop

Thursdays at  7:30pm.
Starts Feb. 6, 2020
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All Tai Chi and Eternal Spring Classes are open to new students. No special gear is needed. Just come 15 minutes before a scheduled class.
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At CK Chu Tai Chi we have been teaching Tai Chi Chuan for health and self defense in Times Square since 1973. Our core curriculum centers on four disciplines: the Tai Chi form, Nei Kung, Eternal Spring Chi Kung™, and Meditation.

Tai Chi Chuan

For Health & Self Defense
Tai Chi Chuan is a system of health and self-defense. Practicing Tai Chi cultivates chi

Eternal Spring Chi Kung

The Fundamentals
Eternal Spring Chi Kung is a healing exercise program and health maintenance system.
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Nei Kung

Internal Chi Kung
Nei Kung is a powerful internal system of Chi Kung, the benefits of which are often dramatic.
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Taoist Meditation

High-level Internal Development
Through Taoist Meditation one learns how to conserve, transform, and direct one’s chi.
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Advanced Training

Push Hands, Fighting and Weapons Forms
Advanced classes stem from core disciplines, Push-Hands, Fighting, and Weapons forms.
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Introduction and Improvement

We offer many workshops for introduction, correction and in-depth study.
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By practicing nei kung “… I feel like I’m preventively fixing problems that I might encounter decades from now, but [also], I can say that nei kung has benefitted my exercise regimens more than any optimized combination of the usual suspects of sleep and nutrition.”  Andrew C. Czyszczon (December 6, 2015)

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