About the School

Founded in 1973 by Grandmaster C.K. Chu in Times Square, New York City, CK Chu Tai Chi is one of America’s most renowned schools of Tai Chi.

At the heart of the school’s program of study is the centuries-old, meditative practice of Yang-style Tai Chi Form. Derived from the philosophy of Taoism, its benefits are widely appreciated by Western medicine to “reduce stress and anxiety” and “increase flexibility and balance.” Inter-related school offerings range widely from Fighting, Push-Hands, and Advanced Weapons Forms to Elder Health.

Although many people choose to study Tai Chi for health reasons, Tai Chi is a sophisticated and formidable martial art. Our fight training — applying Tai Chi principles — has proven successful. We’ve produced champion full-contact fighters since the 70’s. For example, our students won heavyweight and middleweight honors by TKO’s in a 1981 full-contact kung-fu tournament at the Felt Forum in New York City and in 2006 John Signoriello was designated Fighter of the Year by the U.S. Chinese Kuoshu Federation.

Our program of Nei Kung also sets us apart from other schools. Originally, Sifu CK Chu only taught this traditionally closely guarded training to students who were interested in tournament fighting. In 1986, deciding that training so beneficial to health should be open to everyone, he published The Book of Nei Kung. Allthough other books have since been published on this topic — none includes an effective training method. Nowadays, Nei Kung is widely known to professionals from the diverse worlds of music, basketball, tennis, dance, finance, vocalists, law enforcement, and theater. Nei Kung helps their performances, and their careers by giving them stamina — without sacrificing flexibility.

Classes without pre-requisites include Tai Chi Form, Eternal Spring Chi KungTM, Nei Kung Workshop, Meditation, and Street Fighting.

Feel free to visit, or email us, for more information about focuses of study from healing and wellness to fighting application.

Grandmaster C.K. Chu’s wish was that his wife, Carol Chu, oversee the running of the school and that Master Hyland Harris be its primary instructor. Teaching staff includes: Dora Chu, Ben Ho, Alex Kamlet, Grace Kim, Valerie Logiudice, Steve Miller, Sean O’Donohue, John Van Wettering, Evan Wilson, and Dan Zegibe.

The separate not-for-profit Tai Chi Chuan Center promotes health in body, mind and spirit in the wider community. Our flagship program of Tai Chi in Bryant Park has delivered tens of thousands of free class hours to the public since 2004.