2021 Online Classes

We’re happy to announce that in 2021 we will be expanding our Zoom class offerings, and using ScheduleBliss.
In 2021 Schedule Bliss will be used to sign up for and pay for classes.

New–Sign up for online classes using  ScheduleBliss

After you buy your pass. use the Sign Up button to save your spot at each class you’ll be attending. You will get the Zoom class link for each class sent to your inbox. Reminder links will be sent the day before and around 30 minutes before each class.

Life Line — All Online Classes Pass
30-Day — $120 | 60-Day — $240 | 90-Day — $360
Unlimited access to ALL online classes. Including monthly seminar with Hyland Harris and special classes to be announced*. All online classes held on Zoom. (Note: Nei Kung classes require Nei Kung Workshop. Next Nei Kung Workshop will be planned when the studio is able to safely reopen.)

Eternal Spring — All Eternal Spring Pass
30-Day — $100 | 60-Day — $200 | 90-Day — $300
Unlimited access to all Eternal Spring Classes. All online classes held on Zoom.

Per Class  Individual Class Price — $15
Drop in Class — only available for Eternal Spring, or Stretching, Non-Stretching Classes.

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Below is the schedule for our initial 2021 Core Class online offerings on Zoom.

All online classes will stream in Zoom, a free video conferencing application available on your computer, tablet, or phone. Zoom is very user friendly, but please familiarize yourself with the program before your first class. Take the time to check out the app. The Zoom link to each class will be emailed to you.

Note: Going forward, we will ONLY be using ScheduleBliss to sign up and pay for classes.

Learn more about how to sign up.

*Additional Upcoming Seminars and Classes

The Life Line pass is also valid for monthly seminars with Sifu Hyland Harris.

Monthly Seminar Topics to include:

  • Developing methods to self-analyze personal practice;
  • Nei Kung Correction;
  • Joint positions in standing practice 5 Bows, 6 Directions, and 6 Harmonies;
  • Chi Kung Theory I, II, III
  • The Meditation / Nei Kung Connection
  • Silk-Reeling
  • Additional Conditioning Exercises for the Tai Chi Body
  • Posture Training Overview

In development:

  • Tai Chi Form classes
  • A Guided Breathing Workshop with Michael Ballentine and Sifu Hyland Harris (scheduled for early 2021)