We’re happy to announce that in 2021 we will be expanding our Zoom class offerings, and using ScheduleBliss to sign up for and pay for classes.

Class Descriptions

Core Curriculum

Grandmaster C.K. Chu distilled the arts of Taoist health and self-defense into a practical tai chi curriculum for people of the modern age. This Core Curriculum centers on four core disciplines: Eternal Spring Chi Kung™, the Tai Chi form, Nei Kung, and Meditation. Learn More …

Eternal Spring Chi Kung™

Eternal Spring Chi Kung™ (Eternal Spring) is a healing exercise program and health maintenance system created by Grandmaster C. K. Chu. It includes aspects of Tai Chi, Nei Kung, and meditation. As with many chi kung systems, Eternal Spring coordinates movement with deep breathing techniques. The program is easy to learn and to remember. Learn More…

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is a unique system of health and self-defense that is considered one of the treasures of Chinese culture. Derived from the philosophy of Taoism, the exercises were designed to develop internal harmony (between body and mind), and external harmony (between the individual and the Tao, or natural order of the Universe). Originally taught only to family members, today Tai Chi is practiced throughout the world by both young and old. Learn More…

Nei Kung

Nei Kung is an internal system of Chi Kung, employing slow, deep breathing and requiring a relaxed physical stance and mental attitude.  Nei Kung practice charges up the body’s energy. The effects in the initial Workshop are dramatic, and the profound extent of the training often becomes apparent as early as the first two weeks of regular practice. Learn More…

Stretching / Non-Stretching

In this class we will use the breath as a focus to engage in gentle stretches, mobilization of the joints and tactile releasing of “problem areas”. We want to ease the body to gently lengthen our muscles, introduce new movement and lubricate the joints . . . rather than strain and bounce. From the bottom of your feet to the top of your head this class will help you focus on your body . . . rather than some ideal final posture. Be sure to have access to two towels and a chair during class. Bare feet are mandatory.

Special Class I — Nei Kung & Standing Posture Corrections

The first special class with Sifu Harris will concentrate on detailed corrections for the standing postures of Nei Kung, and Posture training. It is only through detailed practice that we are able to gain deeper insight into the 8 Principles of Nei Kung. Applying these levels of detail will translate into stronger Tai Chi practice and personal cultivation.

We will discuss:
– Spinal alignment
– Balancing the posture
– relaxed posture vs structural integrity
– using body awareness to adjust one’s posture

This seminar will provide basic exercises as a way to assess and adjust one’s posture, increase body awareness and deepen one’s practice

Special Class II — Nei Kung and Tai Chi Self Evaluation

Practice is key, but the best way to improve is to learn how to evaluate your own practice. The process is circular in nature. Corrections from self evaluation inevitably lead to a return to the fundamental principles and a greater understanding, which leads again to corrections gained through self evaluation.

This special class seminar will present students with several concepts to help shift one’s mindset to a process oriented approach to reviewing one’s own practice.