Core Curriculum

During the course of 45 years of teaching thousands of students in the Times Square area, Master Chu devised a core curriculum the pillars of which are:

Tai Chi Chuan  
Nei Kung
Taoist Meditation  
Eternal Spring Chi Kung 

As a new student, you can choose to begin with Tai Chi, Eternal Spring Chi Kung, and/or Meditation 1. You do not need to make a reservation to join a Tai Chi or Eternal Spring Chi Kung class. However, if you are interested in our signature Nei Kung classes, you must first attend an introductory Nei Kung workshop. Some of our most advanced and dedicated practitioners were introduced to the school through this workshop.

Once you have learned the Tai Chi Short Form, you can explore ongoing advanced classes such as: Push-Hands, Fighting classes, Weapons, certain special classes and seminars. These classes deepen one’s understanding of the depth of Tai Chi Chuan.

We want the atmosphere at the studio to be relaxed and informal. Feel free to ask questions.