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Eternal Spring

About the Program

Eternal Spring Chi Kung in Bryant Park Eternal Spring Chi Kung™ (Eternal Spring) is a healing exercise program and health maintenance system created by Grandmaster C. K. Chu. It includes aspects of Tai Chi, Nei Kung, and meditation. As with many chi kung systems, Eternal Spring coordinates movement with deep breathing techniques. The program is easy to learn and to remember. It is good for all levels and ages, including, seniors and people who are out of shape or recovering from health traumas. You will feel the benefits from only one or two classes. But to maintain these benefits, it is good to do the exercises at least twice a week. The benefits one should expect to derive from this exercise include an improvement in:

- Improved chi flow
- Deep breathing from the diaphragm
- Balance
- Coordination
- Flexibility
- Strength
- Natural healing
- The ability to relax and to manage stress

Master Chu designed Eternal Spring Chi Kung™as the first level of his tai chi curriculum after having taught tai chi for nearly three decades. He was frequently encountering people who earnestly desired to do tai chi correctly but their tight back or sore knees made them incapable of doing the form. After practicing Eternal Spring, they were able to do the form more easily. Master Chu also found that even those who were “in shape” benefited from the program.

Eternal Spring is the course with which to begin tai chi training as it begins to teach practitioners the principles of tai chi movement right away while helping the practitioner heal the body. Continued training in Eternal Spring Chi Kung™ ensures that practitioners maximize their tai chi form, nei kung, and meditation training. In Eternal Spring Chi Kung™the focus is on correct breathing and a well-developed breathing system is fundamental to everything. For books and self-study videos, please visit our store: Books, Video.

Tai Chi Chuan Center

Since 2001, the non-profit Tai Chi Chuan Center has sent volunteers to parks and centers around the city to teach Eternal Spring. The mission of the Tai Chi Chuan Center is to spread the teachings of Grandmaster Chu in order to help people improve their health with Tai Chi. Thousands of people have benefited so far. Our most popular program is our twice weekly Bryant Park classes, which begin after World Tai Chi Day (the last Saturday in April) and run to the end of September. We also offer classes at senior centers. Classes are taught by people who have been certified by CK Chu Tai Chi to teach Eternal Spring. If you are interested in bringing Eternal Spring to your facility or you are interested in becoming an Eternal Spring teacher, you can get started by taking an Eternal Spring class. In Taoism, the natural progression is to help yourself become healthier first and then help others. Furthermore, by teaching others, you will be thinking about and analyzing Tai Chi at all times, and you’ll deepen your understanding.

Read about how the program has helped some of our students: Student Testimonials. Or Click for book review.

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Ongoing Classes

We have ongoing classes that can be joined any time, see Class Schedule.

The Tai Chi Chuan Center sponsors free classes in Bryant Park (starting on World Tai Chi Day and ending the last Thursday of September) as well as subsidized classes through its Outreach program. For more information click here.

Eternal Spring Intensive

In order to facilitate student improvement in the Eternal Spring program, CK Chu Tai Chi will be offering an advanced Eternal Spring Class. This class includes more instructive training than a regular Eternal Spring Class. In a regular class, students are led through a routine without pause. In ES-I, we will do at least 3 supplemental exercises and in each session we will spend extra time on one 'exercise of the week.' This focus will include directions, suggestions, and corrections for doing the 'exercise of the week' better. Thus, we will have at least one pause to talk about one of the exercises each week. This is a class for everyone - beginner's who want to learn how to do the program correctly and regular practitioners looking to improve their practice (see Class Schedule).

Eternal Spring Improvement

Like the Nei Kung Improvement Special Class, this 10-week course is designed to help you improve your practice. An overview of the theory of chi kung will be given as well as the way to progress in your training. The entire Eternal Spring program consists of 24 postures. Focusing on a few postures each class, we will cover all the exercises - how to do them and how to improve your practice of them. Classes will include student demonstrations and critique as well as instructional explanation. Contact the office to sign up. (Inquire in the office for the next offering.)

Quarterly Workshops

For those who cannot commute to the weekly on-going classes, we give intensive weekend workshops four times a year. The first part of the workshop is a discussion of the concepts of Chinese medicine, nei kung and tai chi, on which the exercise is based. In the second part, students will be guided through each exercise with attention to details. There will be time allowed for questions and answers. For the uninitiated, this is a good introduction. For students who live outside the Metropolitan area, it's an opportunity to receive corrections and ask questions. Ongoing students can reinforce their practice by understanding in depth the underlying principles of each posture. Eternal Spring teacher apprentices will receive credit for participating and assisting. 

Check the Workshop and Special Class Schedule.

Eternal Spring Practitioner's Certificate

Master Chu believed that the serious student needs something against which to measure progress. He also felt strongly that teaching is part of the learning process. Towards that end, he developed a teacher certification program. The first step in that program is the Eternal Spring Chi Kung™ Practitioner’s Certificate. Completion of this certificate depends on weekly attendance at one Eternal Spring Class and one Tai Chi Class as well as two Eternal Spring Chi Kung™ Workshops in one year. Click here for more information on the Teacher certification (for those not located in NY, lessons by Skype can be arranged).