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Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is a unique system of health and self-defense that is considered one of the treasures of Chinese culture. Derived from the philosophy of Taoism, the exercises were designed to develop internal harmony (between body and mind), and external harmony (between the individual and the Tao, or natural order of the Universe). Originally taught only to family members, today Tai Chi is practiced throughout the world by both young and old.

Tai chi cultivates chi (or qi)— the body's intrinsic energy or "life force." Chi is the foundation of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine as it is critical for a person's health. Cultivating and storing chi in the body, revitalizes all the body’s organs and systems.  Tai Chi develops flexibility, strengthens joints and muscles and promotes the integration of body, mind and spirit. As a result students enjoy a higher quality of life on many levels.


Tai Chi Chuan has the most sophisticated fighting theory of all the martial arts. Its approach is non-aggressive, yet in full-contact confrontation or combat it is more effective than the better known "hard" styles. This is because its source of strength lies in the development of internal power rather than muscular strength. A Tai Chi student understands how only four ounces of strength is needed to deal with an opposing force of 1,000 pounds. 


There are four core disciplines The Yang Short and Long Tai Chi form, Eternal Spring Chi Kung, , and Taoist Meditation. Then there is advanced-level training (Push-Hands, Fighting applications, and weapons). At CK Chu Tai Chi, we encourage students to practice Eternal Spring Chi Kung™ before learning the form or simultaneously.

For more detailed information, see Master Chu's Tai Chi Chuan Principles & Practice and Why Tai Chi? in Books and Video.

Introduction to Tai Chi

A workshop on the art and science of tai chi. In this workshop, participants will be instructed in the tai chi principles and how to start learning tai chi correctly. Participants will also learn the first few exercises of Eternal Spring as a way to begin to condition the body for tai chi practice. You may sign up for the Introduction on our Workshop Signup.

Tai Chi Classes

Self-paced instruction in the slow-moving solo exercise Tai Chi Short Form. Coming twice a week, it takes approximately six months to learn the complete sequence of movements with corrections and proper breathing. Once learned, the Short Form takes between ten and fifteen minutes to gently go through. Prerequisite: none. Classes, offered seven days a week, are on-going and can be joined at any time.

Continuous Form

Open to students who have learned the short form. Repeats the form at varied speeds and stances several times, non-stop for one hour. Prerequisite: Tai Chi Short Form.

Tai Chi Form Improvement (Special Class)

It is recommended that this course be taken six months after completion of the Tai Chi Short Form. In-depth instruction is given into the meaning and subtleties of each movement. Students are taught how to develop a more refined form--by linking movements smoothly, for example. Prerequisite: Tai Chi Short Form.

Tai Chi Long Form (Special Class) 

The complete classical Yang style, the foundation for the entire Tai Chi system. The Long Form includes many powerful fighting techniques which are missing in the abbreviated sequence. This course should be considered required study for all serious Tai Chi students. Once learned, the complete Long Form takes about thirty five minutes to practice slowly. Prerequisites: Tai Chi Short Form, Tai Chi Form Improvement.

Videos and online courses:

While we believe that you cannot learn tai chi on your own from books and DVDs, such media can help you practice. We have a short form chart, Books on tai chi, and Video in our store. At right, you can stream (for a limited time) the introductory workshop and you can stream over 20 hours of tai chi classes (see link at end of trailer).