The good thing about the schoolÂ’’s set-up is that students do not have to wait for an enrollment or orientation period but can start when they are ready. We have tai chi classes 7 days a week. All you have to do is check the class schedule in this web site. Those classes are ongoing. You may begin with by attending any class of Eternal Spring (sometimes abbreviated as ES on printed materials) or Tai Chi. These two classes have no prerequisite. When you are ready, come about 15 minutes before the class so that you can register. For class fees, call our office: 212-221-6110. Wear something comfortable and loose: regular workout clothes will do. No outside shoes are allowed in the studio: cotton sole kung-fu slippers are recommended (sold at the school for $12 for registered students, $14-18 for non-students), or barefoot or socks are fine.