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CK Chu Tai Chi is located at 156 W. 44th St (Broadway and 6th Ave.) Times Square in New York City. Founded by Grandmaster C.K. Chu in 1973, the school has taught thousands of students and trained many champions using the ancient Taoist methods of internal self-cultivation. Currently, the school offers tai chi classes seven days a week for all ages and abilities. Beginners may start any day of the week. The diversity of our student community is inspiring, whether you are looking to fight in a tournament, learn the beautiful Tai Chi form, heal from a trauma, or just relax.

Our basic curriculum of health & self-defense classes include Tai Chi, Nei Kung, Eternal Spring Chi Kung, and Meditation. When students are ready, they can advance to Push-hands, fighting, and weapons training.

New students can browse the frequently asked questions, student testimonials, press mentions, and photo gallery, or call 212-221-6110. Inquire also about the Training Program for Tournament Fighting and specialized programs for elder health.

We teach "Yang-style" Tai Chi Chuan as it was originally intended - as a martial art. In our footwork, we use a twist step and, therefore, we require all students to use cotton-soled tai chi slippers, which we sell in the school.

Master Chu wanted his school to continue forever. He appointed Master Hyland Harris and President Carol Chu to run the school after he died. Teaching assistants include: Dora Chu, Ben Ho, Alex Kamlet, Grace Kim, Steve Miller, Sean O'Donohue, Kate Wasilewski, John van Wettering, Evan Wilson, Dan Zegibe.

Ck Chu Tai Chi teachers

CK Chu Tai Chi Teachers

(Below is the current roster of certified teachers. If you are looking for a teacher in your area, contact our office.)

Eternal Spring Chi Kung

Jim Hicks
Valerie Logiudice
Dan Nash
Sean O'Donohue
Dr. Bernard Plansky
Gabor Reisinger
Dr. David Schwindt
Jesse Shadoan
Tam Tran Valenti
Justin Tentler
Anthony Tramantano
Dan Zegibe

Eternal Spring Tai Chi

Alex Kamlet
Steve Miller
Sean O'Donohue
Dr. David Schwindt
Dan Zegibe

Nei Kung

Jim Borelli
Alex Kamlet
Steve Miller
Dan Nash
Dr. Bernard Plansky
Dan Zegibe

Tai Chi for Health
& Self-Defense

Hyland Harris


Hyland Harris

Teachers at CK Chu Tai Chi Times Square

Hyland with Spear

Master Hyland Harris
Hyland began his studies with Master CK Chu, in the fall of 1992. He began extensively with Neigung and later moved on to Tai Chi, push hands fighting, weapons, Eternal Spring Chi Gung, Taoist Philosophy and Taoist meditation.
Under Master Chu's watchful eye, Hyland began intensive corrections and private study with Master Chu in neigung, Long form, weapons and meditation in 1999. Continuing throughout the next 15 years, Master Chu carefully mentored Hyland, passing him through the completion of the Level 10 Neigung test requirement in 2009, and culminating with the recognition by awarding him Masters Certification in Tai Chi and Taoist Internal Arts in 2014.

Concurrent with his studies, Hyland began assistant teaching in 1997, at the request of Master Chu. He assisted classes and workshops directly under Master Chu through 2013. In 2000 Master Chu had Hyland teach the Wednesday classes as well as organize public demonstrations. In 2011 Master Chu entrusted Hyland with teaching all fighting classes, training students in advanced Tai Chi fighting. As a result of his hard work and commitment Master Chu certified Hyland as an Instructor in Tai Chi Chuan in 2013.
Hyland and Carol
Hyland fought successfully in full contact fighting, winning by TKO and took a medal home during the 2006 US Kuoshu Federation tournament. He also was John Signoriello's training partner/coach when Signoriello dominated his weight class for three years, eventually becoming US Kuoshu's fighter of the year in 2006.

Outside of the classroom, he was a close collaborator on Master Chu's publications: "Form Chart", "Eternal Spring." "Chu Meditation", the reprinting of "Principles and Practice," "Why Tai Chi," and the forthcoming "Nine Steps to Tao".

Fulfilling Master Chu's wishes, Hyland assumed the role of Chief Instructor at CK Chu Tai Chi, where he supervises all training and teaching in the style and spirit of CK Chu.

Benjamin Ho

Ben Ho

Benjamin Ho is a Pisces, born in New York City in the year New Orleans lost Jazz (the basketball team). He was raised in Brooklyn and currently resides in Queens, where he teaches biology at Benjamin N. Cardozo High School.

Benjamin began his education and practice of Chu Tai Chi in July of 2001. Tai Chi Chuan is the only martial arts Benjamin has ever studied. His favorite memory at the school was when he was asked by the late Grandmaster C.K. Chu to begin Apprenticeship Teaching in March of 2004. Benjamin continues to train regularly to seek perfection in tai chi and in life.

Alex Kamlet
Alex Kamlet had the privilege of learning Tai Chi and Nei Kung with Master C.K Chu since July, 1988.
In 1995 Alex was asked by Sifu himself to assist him in conducting Tai Chi classes and Nei Kung Workshops. From 1996 to 1998 he was an assistant teacher.
In 1998 Alex Kamlet started teaching classes independently.
In April 2004 Alex received a Letter of Certification signed by the Master C.K Chu, to teach the disciplines of Tai Chi Chuan, Nei Kung, and Eternal Spring Chi Kung.
Studying Tai Chi with Sifu helped Alex tremendously to overcome occasional challenges that life threw at him, taught him patience, discipline, and ability to help others during difficult times.
At Present Alex is teaching Nei Kung and Tai Chi classes on Sundays.
Grace Kim
Sifu corrects Grace's form
Grace has been a student at CK Chu Tai Chi since 2005. Over the last 9 years, she has cultivated her internal martial arts training with a foundation built on tai chi, nei kung, and meditation.
She was first asked by Master Chu to start assisting in 2011.
Outside of Chu Tai Chi, she is an occupational therapist at Weill Cornell Medical Center in the stroke rehabilitation research program and is currently a PhD candidate in the Occupational Therapy department at New York University. The benefits of internal training have been pervasive through her professional, academic, and personal endeavors and she is grateful to share her practice with other students.
Valerie LoGuidice
Started as a student in 2008. Was introduced to the school through the wonderful free classes offered at Bryant Park. After assisting at the park and the morning classes at the studio, Sifu encouraged me to complete the certification program. I received my certification as an Eternal Spring Instructor in 2013. I also received my certification as a Medical Qigong Practitioner in 2013. The training provides a welcome balance to the many years in the banking industry and also complimented the martial arts background and my practice as a massage therapist. I look forward to each class. Whether I am a student, teaching or assisting in the class, I continue to learn more about myself and the people around me.

Steve Miller
Steve Miller
I have been studying Tai Chi since 1987, and began assisting Master Chu in 1994.
In 2011, I retired from a 30+ year career in Telecommunications, and currently spend a majority of my time teaching and practicing Tai Chi. I feel extremely fortunate to have studied with Master Chu for so many years. I take much pleasure in continuing to practice and teach his proven system of teaching Tai Chi and seeing students reap all the benefits that Tai Chi practice offers.

Sean O'Donohue
Sean in Park

I started training with Master CK Chu in January 2009. I knew very little of Tai Chi Chuan but was attracted to the health and relaxation benefits it promised. Coming into the school, I felt comfortable right away. The layout, fellow students, student teachers ,and of course , Sifu, made me feel welcome and part of the school. My interest in the art of Tai Chi Chuan intensified as I felt the benefits of my practice. Coming to the school at first twice a week turned into three times a week evolved into where I'm at now which is roughly six days a week and I practice everyday. It's a huge beneficial part of my life and I have Sifu, my fellow students and the school to thank.
When Sifu asked me if I'de like to enter the teacher training program I was hesitant. I kind of enjoyed being quiet and working on my own thing and didn't feel I would have enough to help others. He basically told me that helping others in turn helps yourself, because you are reinforcing your own basics and are also taking a greater interest in the art. You are learning as you teach. Leading Eternal Spring classes , I'm constantly thinking of important points Sifu made about each exercise and bringing that to the class. By doing this, I'm eventually learning for myself why those points are so important. I'm grateful that Sifu opened me up to working with others and I hope to continue to do so, as well as continue my own growth under the guidance of Master Hyland Harris.

John Van Wettering
I became a student in 1996. I felt that I needed an exercise system that would hold my interest going forward in life. The sporadic recreational activities I was engaging in at the time were leading to sore knees and frequent sprained ankles. My friend recommended martial arts and I had heard good things about tai chi. I remember leaving my first form class feeling full, not empty, and feeling the first of many bouts of good soreness.

What I didn’t realize was how much this system would grab hold of me. In no time I was feeling stronger, more flexible and more energetic. My knees no longer got sore and I haven’t sprained my ankle since. I learned all that I could from Master Chu and the other students. I still feel as though I learn something new every time I practice tai chi. Like Master Harris I also became interested in the history and foundations of the art and in what is going on in the world of tai chi outside the school.

For eight years I gave tai chi lessons at Hunter College where I teach Psychology. I also lead a small group at the psychiatric hospital where I work, and through that got to know my future wife. I am looking forward to teaching my daughter soon, and to my approaching retirement. Physical healing, intellectual stimulation, emotional centering, and old school social networking - Chu Tai Chi has provided me with a really kick ass hobby!

Kate Wasiliewski
My companion Ed wanted to study Tai Chi and I thought, why not? At the time I was studying yoga and thought that I would do both. This was pre internet days so we opened the phone book and requested literature from the various schools. A flyer for the Nei Kung workshop caught our interest and we both signed up. After the workshop I purchased the Book of Nei Kung and about a year later we received a flyer for the Nei Kung improvement workshop. Now I had been practicing diligently at home all this time and thought that I would be pretty good. Long story short I had been practicing it so very wrong. Turns out you really do need a teacher. So in 1998 I started taking regular classes. The school moved into the new space in 2000 and Master Chu asked me to start assisting a few years after. The thought of teaching was terrifying and I didn't feel that I was ready. I was able to weasel out of it for a while then one day Sifu just told me to "go help that person". I could no longer avoid it. It's been about 10 years or so since I started assisting and I have found that I really enjoy it. There are times when it really can turn my day around not to mention the insights eaching gives to my practice.

In my 60 odd years there have been many things that have piqued my interest (yoga, powerlifing, riding and Pilates are among the ones that I became most adept at), but Tai Chi is by far the most challenging. I think that is what keeps my interest. Also the fact that there are weapon forms and fighting doesn't hurt.

Evan Wilson

I first began studying with Master Chu several months before 9/11, 13 years ago. The turbulence of that Fall showed me the power of Tai Chi: practicing the art provided me with root, meaning, and a fighting spirit, effects that have continued to prove their worth during life's challenges and triumphs.
My growth in the principles of Tai Chi, Nei Kung, and meditation occurred under sifu's discerning eye, at a time when his teaching was at its most refined. Later, in the last five years of his life, my training continued as I sat with him weekly, helping him with his correspondence and books. It was during this time that I learned the meaning and power of Jung Yun (Real Person): a man who has mastered himself and lives life in harmony with his true nature. I am deeply humbled and honored to have the opportunity to pass on what knowledge and experience I have.
When not practicing Tai Chi, I occupy my time mostly by composing music and hanging out with good friends and family.

Dan Zegibe<b>Dan Zegibe</b>
Dan Zegibe began tai chi study with Sifu C.K. Chu in the mid 1970’s and became a Certified Nei Kung instructor in 2004 and a Certified Eternal Spring Instructor 2012. Dan integrated C.K. Chu Tai Chi and Nei Kung in the University of Bridgeport Martial Arts Studies B.A. program and taught there from 2004 – 2013. He regularly teaches in Stamford, CT. He is a charter member of the Tai Chi Chuan Center, Inc. Board of Directors serving as Treasurer since 2003. Dan continues training, teaching and self-cultivation to preserve and enhance all he learned from Sifu Chu.