Meditation Classes

Taoist Meditation

Three core disciplines are fundamental to one’s study of the internal arts: Tai Chi, Nei Kung, and Meditation. Each course of study has unique merit; practice of all three is essential for the attainment of a high level of internal development.

Through Taoist Meditation one learns how to cope with stress; to reach one’s own potential, and to develop a peaceful mind. Happiness, peace and health start with mind and body being in harmony.

The stretches and self-massage taught and practiced in Meditation Classes also contribute directly to one’s practice of the Tai Chi form. Grandmaster Chu’s technique of Taoist meditation is explained in his book, Chu Meditation.

Meditation I

A five-step meditation technique is taught for developing a quiet, empty mind. Class begins with stretching and a discussion of the Taoist vision of life, in part to illuminate similarities and differences with Confucianism, Buddhism, and other religious practices. Silent meditation builds from five minutes in the first class to half an hour in the last class. Each class concludes with open discussion and self-massage.

Prerequisite: None. Ten-week course.

Meditation II

For the practitioner of meditation who has been through Meditation 1 and is sitting, daily, for 20-30 minutes, this course will help you to improve your meditation practice. Class will include Taoist philosophy and learning three sound techniques for developing your breathing. This course furthers the lessons of Meditation I by reviewing the five-step technique and going further into Taoist philosophy. Then, students learn 3 breathing techniques that utilize sound.

Prerequisite: Meditation I. Ten-week course.