Nei Kung

Nei Kung has been refined, and handed down from Master to Master since the time of the Yellow Emperor (2696–2598 BCE). It evolved from the Taoists’ search for a way to rejuvenate and heal the body, to increase internal strength and energy.

There is a saying in China that if you pursue the Chuan (fighting technique) without practicing Nei Kung, when you reach old age you will not have anything to show for your efforts. Great importance is traditionally placed on the study of Nei Kung in conjunction with Tai Chi Chuan. You will find that practice of Nei Kung will make your Tai Chi stronger in every respect.

Nei Kung means “internal work”. It is a system of training that makes the body strong from the inside out. By employing slow, deep breathing and with a relaxed – but correctly aligned – physical stance and mental attitude, the body’s chi increases and circulates more efficiently. As a result, the tendons, bones, and fasciae all improve in strength and flexibility. (The external approach to cultivating chi is characterized by heavy breathing and rapid diaphragmatic exercises.) Nei Kung practice will give you more energy, and it will help your body to heal.

Grandmaster C.K. Chu developed an effective Nei Kung training method that was used by his championship fighters. The Book of Nei Kung was the first to be published about this secretive art. Our school has been teaching Nei Kung for over 35 years and it has helped people improve their health and to be successful in tournament competition. You will find this book is very useful for home study and reference. Due to the intricacies of the practice, attendance at an introductory workshop is a prerequisite to joining regular Nei Kung training sessions. The effects in the initial Workshop are dramatic, and the profound extent and power of the training often becomes apparent as early as the first two weeks of regular practice.

For more background on Master Chu’s Nei Kung, you can read James Borrelli’s “My Story with Sifu” on the making of The Book of Nei Kung. Also informative is an interview with Master Chu published in Qi Magazine. You also can read more about Nei Kung in Why Tai Chi? You can purchase these Books and DVD’s in our store. Also, you can stream Nei Kung Workshop in Vimeo..

Nei Kung Classes

Hour-long workout, beginning with calm breathing and approximately twenty minutes of Horse Stance, then progressing through the nine remaining exercises. Classes, offered six days a week, are on-going and can be joined at any time after taking a workshop.

Prerequisite: Nei Kung Workshop.

Nei Kung Workshop

An introduction to–and a prerequisite for– regular Nei Kung classes. A short lecture on the history of Nei Kung and its relation to Tai Chi precedes instruction in the ten exercises — from Horse Stance to Owl Turns Head. Required for Nei Kung classes. Workshops are held several times a year, usually on Sunday afternoons, from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm. Enrollment is limited, with discount pricing for advance registration (one-week) and for those who have previously taken the Workshop.  

Prerequisite: none.
Conducted by Master Hyland Harris, or Alex Kamlet.