Master Hyland Harris

Master Hyland began his studies with Grandmaster Chu, in the fall of 1992. He began extensively with Nei Kung and later moved on to Tai Chi, Push-Hands, Fighting, Weapons, Eternal Spring Chi Gung, Taoist Philosophy and Taoist Meditation.

Under Grandmaster Chu’s watchful eye, Hyland began intensive corrections and private study with Grandmaster Chu in Nei Kung, Long form, weapons and meditation in 1999. Continuing throughout the next 15 years, Grandmaster Chu carefully mentored Hyland, passing him through the completion of the Level 10 Nei Kung test requirement in 2009, and culminating with the recognition by awarding him Masters Certification in Tai Chi and Taoist Internal Arts in 2014.

Concurrent with his studies, Master Hyland began assistant teaching in 1997, at the request of Grandmaster Chu. He assisted classes and workshops directly under Grandmaster Chu through 2013. In 2000 Grandmaster Chu had Master Hyland teach the Wednesday classes as well as organize public demonstrations. In 2011 Grandmaster Chu entrusted Master Hyland with teaching all fighting classes, training students in advanced Tai Chi fighting. As a result of his hard work and commitment Grandmaster Chu certified Master Hyland as an Instructor in Tai Chi Chuan in 2013.

Master Hyland fought successfully in full contact fighting, winning by TKO and took a medal home during the 2006 US Kuoshu Federation tournament. He also was John Signoriello’s training partner/coach when Signoriello dominated his weight class for three years, eventually becoming US Kuoshu’s fighter of the year in 2006.

Outside of the classroom, he was a close collaborator on Grandmaster Chu’s publications: “Form Chart”, Eternal Spring, Chu Meditation, the reprinting of Tai Chi Chuan Principles and Practice, Why Tai Chi, and the forthcoming “Nine Steps to Tao“.

Fulfilling Grandmaster Chu’s wishes, Master Hyland assumed the role of Chief Instructor at CK Chu Tai Chi, where he supervises all training and teaching in the style and spirit of CK Chu.