Why Tai Chi? with Short Form Chart

Why Tai Chi? Tai chi is: Good for your body. Good for your mind. Good for sex life. Good for You!

Master C.K. Chu s Why Tai Chi? uses a question and answer format to explain the details of a topic seldom addressed in tai chi books: why become a tai chi practitioner. And few books provide the necessary discussion of what it takes, on a day-to-day basis, to practice the art or to discern what the art is for. Tai chi is the most popular exercise in the world and yet remains the most misunderstood.

Over his four decades of teaching tai chi at his school in Times Square (NYC), CK Chu Tai Chi, Master Chu has answered hundreds of questions about the art, like: Why is the movement so slow?, and Why must my body be aligned this way and not that? The answers to many of these questions have been brought together in this book as a follow-up to his 1981 book, Tai Chi Chuan Principles & Practice. In answer to the title’s question, Chu writes, Tai chi encompasses Taoism s desire to develop human nature fully through a training regimen that maximizes the body s health and longevity. The rest of the book begins to unpack that sentence. While acknowledging that doing tai chi incorrectly will still yield benefits, the book argues that correct practice yields so much more benefit for the time invested — you optimize your balance, coordination, strength, and gain a calmness of mind. In short, tai chi training results in a better you

Master Chu first published a short form chart in 1976 that measured 20 X 32 and used 285 photos. Now, in 2011, he has made a short form chart measuring 24 x 36 inches, this is a poster showing Master Chu doing the 65 movement tai chi short form in 483 photos set against a background of a yin yang symbol drawn as a dragon. The title type is a warm red while the Chinese characters and english titles are in black. Suita