Advanced Nei Kung Workshop
12-Weeks, Thursdays at 6:00pm. Starts Feb. 6, 2020

Each of the ten Nei Kung postures is discussed in detail. The class emphasizes ideal alignment goals, supported by analysis and correction of the form as demonstrated by class participants. Nei Kung is a life-long endeavor. As the body changes, the understanding of the principles of alignment, breathing and mental focus deepens. Serious students require ongoing correction as they progress through the ten Nei Kung exercises.Topics will Include:

  1. Physiology of Nei Kung
  2. Breathing as a Support System
  3. Six Harmonies
  4. Five Bows
  5. Deepening of Internal Awareness
  6. Opening and Closing of Joints (Kai He)
  7. Spiral Force, Vertical Force and Horizontal Force

Sifu Hyland Harris
Prerequisite:  6 Months of Nei Kung Classes

Beginning: Thursday, February 6, 2020

Time Period: 12 weeks

Price: $330 Early Registration: $320 (before January 30)