Chinese New Year Banquet

When: February 1, 2020 at 6pm
Where: Golden Unicorn Restaurant, 2nd Floor, 18 E Broadway, NY, NY 10002
What: Traditional Chinese banquet dinner of 10 to 12 courses, cash bar
Tickets: $65 each – Table of 10 is $650

CK Chu Tai Chi has been celebrating the Lunar New Year along with our school’s anniversary with a traditional Chinese banquet for many years. This year it will be our school’s 47th Anniversary!

The program for the night varies. The emphasis will be on camaraderie. We want all students and teachers to relax and enjoy the dinner as much as possible. Students from years past are expected to join us. It is always an occasion to catch up with old friends and training partners.

A traditional Lion Dance performed by the skilled students of the Praying Mantis Martial Arts Institute. The lion dance’s function is to bring good luck to festive occasions. Guests are meant to feed the lions with red envelopes into which dollar bills should be placed. These red envelopes will be found on every table. Money placed in the red envelopes goes to the non-profit Tai Chi Chuan Center.

and … There will be fun raffles and valuable door prizes!

Please get your tickets early so we know how many tables to reserve for our gathering. The earlier we know how many tables to reserve, the better our set-up in the restaurant will be.

Bottom Line: You won’t want to miss out on this special occasion!