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44th Anniversary Banquet Ticket




JANUARY 21, 2017

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Single Posture Training (10 Weeks)

Starting date Thursday, January 19th, 2017 – 7:30pm
10 weeks of one hour classes each Thursday at 7:30pm

Traditionally, in order to build a good basic body structure, Tai Chi was taught one posture at a time. Single posture training and moving between postures were trained arduously before they were linked together in a form. Foundation training often took years of practice, correction and refinement before one proceeded with further training.

This posture training class will serve as both a conditioning and correction class. Emphasis will be on hard-wiring Nei Kung principles into our stances, postures and transitions. The goal is to build full body connection while performing large frame Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. There will be classically trained standing postures, and we will work our way into a series of line drills devised to progressively increase Connection, Strength and Flexibility.

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Nei Kung Workshop

Time: 1.30-4.00 pm
Date: Sunday, January 29th, 2017

An introduction to--and a pre-requisite for--the regular Nei Kung classes. A short lecture leads to instruction in the ten exercises, from Horse Stance to Owl Turns Head. Pre-requisite: none. Required for Nei Kung classes.

You may also choose to purchase The Book of Nei Kung when you sign up for the workshop for $20 (a $4 savings). Books are available for pickup at the school; you may also contact us to arrange to have your book shipped to you (shipping charges can be paid using the Additional Shipping item after contacting the school).

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30 Days of Classes

Get a running start to learn Tai Chi in 2016: pay $125 for 30 days of unlimited Tai Chi and Eternal Spring Classes and the registration fee is waived ($35). Plus, received a free CK Chu Tai Chi Short Form Chart ($30 value). Valid only for new students, one per person.

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