Teacher Certification

CK Chu Tai Chi offers teacher certification in Eternal Spring Chi Kung™, Eternal Spring Tai Chi™, Nei Kung, Tai Chi for Health (TCH), and Master of Tai Chi (Tai Chi for Health and Self-Defense). The program is designed progressively so that work put in for the Eternal Spring Chi Kung™ certification (ESTC) can be applied towards the Nei Kung certificate (NKTC) and so on. Thus a Master has attained proficiency in all the areas of Tai Chi taught at the school. In other words, ESCK is like an associates, ESTC is like a BA, NKC is like an MA, TCH is like a Ph.D., and Master is like post-graduate work. It is possible to just do the work for one certificate but, as will be clear, advanced certification requires doing the course work of the earlier certificates. This program is geared towards resident CK Chu Tai Chi students in regular attendance but infrequent attendance plus distance-learning arrangements can be made with regular meetings taking place via Skype.

Classes will remain the same at CK Chu Tai Chi but they will be non-credit courses unless students enroll in the certification program. When a student enrolls in the teacher certification program, they do not start at 0 credits but may convert their previous course work. Students who complete the program will receive a certificate and the endorsement of CK Chu Tai Chi when pursuing teaching opportunities.