Our Teachers

Master Hyland Harris

Hyland began his studies with Master CK Chu, in the fall of 1992. He began extensively with Nei Gung and later moved on to Tai Chi, push hands fighting, weapons, Eternal Spring Chi Gung, Taoist Philosophy and Taoist meditation. Under Master Chu’s watchful eye, Hyland began intensive corrections and private study with Master Chu in Nei Gung, Long form, weapons and meditation in 1999. Read more.

Philip Binioris

I started training at CK Chu Tai Chi in 2012. I had recently taken over a family business and was completely overwhelmed by the responsibility and the demand. I found the school online, and was a little wary of learning a mind/body art in the middle of Times Square. I’ve since learned, if I can focus here I can focus anywhere.

I will always remember my first class as a complete, total novice; how strange and different the experience was. There were a few other students, all at wide range of skill level, age and mobility. The teacher put me in horse stance, showed me the opening, and left me ALONE to work on it. It was such a huge relief to be encouraged to work at my own pace, to feel my own body, and generally to put aside all the other weights of life and just be with myself.

I have had amazing teachers at Chu Tai Chi, there are too many to mention. First and foremost is Master Hyland Harris. He is an extraordinary teacher. He balances encouragement and insight into the art of Tai Chi with an understanding that this is a life long practice, and progress can only happen when the student’s mind/body is ready to make it happen. And his knowledge of Tai Chi practice as well as its social and historical function seems like a bottomless well. I also had the privilege of training with Kate Wasilewski. She was the most patient, humble person, and carried a deep knowledge and love for Tai Chi. When I was offered the chance to begin my teacher training as a recipient of her memorial scholarship, it was a huge honor.

Teaching at the studio feels like an opportunity to give back to the institution that has given me so much. I hope I can contribute to the learning environment that was so welcoming and appealing to me when I started. And I look forward to deepening my practice by sharing it with others.

John Cantrell

Without question, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Nei Kung have saved my life. By my mid 30s I had done extensive damage to my back through too many hours spent on an organ practice bench, maintaining a heavy gigging schedule, schlepping heavy keyboard and audio gear from gig to gig, being a work-a-holic, not eating properly, and being overweight. Essentially, I was looking at an early end to my career as a performing musician. My doctors said that the only solution was surgery.

Knowing the uncertainty of surgery, I chose a more holistic approach to recovery and entered the famous CK Chu Tai Chi studio in Times in Square in 2007, after having spent considerable time researching Tai Chi, looking at numerous studios, and styles of the art. After one session with Master Chu, I knew this was the place for me! Approximately 5 months later, I was virtually pain free, stronger, more flexible, and healthier than I probably had ever been. No surgery for me!

The teachers are great at demystifying the movements and postures, and their attention to detail in understanding alignment, posture, breathing, and more, is deep. Because these practices have had such a profound impact on my physical, mental, and spiritual health, I’ve decided to dedicate the rest of my life to studying these arts and helping others experience the incredible life-changing benefits they offer. I’m eternally grateful to this studio and its amazing community. Being asked to assist as a teacher is humbling, and it continues to further deepen my own practice. I am certified as a teacher of Chi Kung, and continue to work on my certifications in Nei Kung and Tai Chi.

Akiko Hikota

I joined Chu Tai Chi in January of 1997 and started helping