Introduction to Tai Chi

A workshop on the art and science of tai chi. In this workshop, participants will be instructed in the tai chi principles and how to start learning tai chi correctly. Participants will also learn the first few exercises of Eternal Spring as a way to begin to condition the body for tai chi practice. You may sign up for the Introduction on our Workshop Signup.

Eternal Spring Workshop

Eternal Spring Workshops offer the opportunity to receive an in-depth experience of the finer points of this chi kung. The first part of the workshop is a discussion of the concepts of Chinese medicine, Nei Kung and Tai Chi, on which the exercise is based. In the second part, students will be guided through each exercise with attention to details. There will be time allowed for questions and answers. Students can reinforce their practice by understanding in depth the underlying principles of each posture. Eternal Spring teacher apprentices will receive credit for participating and assisting.

Nei Kung Workshop

This workshop serves as an introduction to—and a pre-requisite for—the regular Nei Kung classes. A short lecture leads to instruction in the ten exercises, from Horse Stance to Owl Turns Head.

Special Workshops

From time to time we offer special workshops in various topics such as Silk-Reeling or Weapon Drills.